About us

DGNOG   provide top audio gear for musical customers all over the work with favable cost.  in order keep our sound equipment on the top level quality, We only use the highest quality accessories and the most stable software solutions. Production workers only produce high-end products for a long time.

DGNOG designs and manufactures condenser microphones, dynamic microphones, USB microphones, wireless microphones, smartphone microphones, shotgun microphones, recording microphones, ENG microphones, broadcast microphones,conference microphone, wireless in-ear monitor system, Antenna amplifier, special microphone for musical instruments, headphones, speakers, other electro-acoustic products and audio equipment.

DGNOG sincerely hopes to bring affordable and easy-to-use electronic products to consumers all over the world. Your will certainly be our driving force for growth.

Address: No. V11, District 2, Jiangmen Industrial Transfer Industrial Park, Enping City, Guangdong Province.


Mobile/WeChat: +86 13510990689  

E-MAIL: flynn@elegaudio.com