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DGNOG PSM-200T UHF Wireless Stereo Monitor System Equipped with lithium battery, suitable for outdoor stage performance.

DGNOG PSM-200T UHF Wireless Stereo Monitor System Equipped with lithium battery, suitable for outdoor stage performance.

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Wireless In-ear Monitor Introduction

      is a cost-effective stereo wireless monitoring system. Simple display interface, easy operation, and long transmission distance, it is the first choice for small and medium-sized stage performance and musical instrument combinations. The transmitter is an all-metal body with a built-in lithium battery for outdoor portable use. It equips XLR and Ф6.3 composite high dynamic range stereo audio input interface, supporting mixer output. The panel has simple and bright LED to indicate audio level input, volume, low battery and charging status and volume adjustment. The receiver is designed with an OLED display and displays relevant product information. It also has switchable stereo and mono output function. Equipped with Ф3.5 stereo headphone jack output, the output power of the left and right channel is 80mW@16Ω each. There are multiple preset frequency groups that do not interfere with each other, and the frequency synchronization to the transmitter will be done via IR port.

1.UHF wireless stereo audio transmission, providing high-fidelity monitoring effect.


2.Apply to musical instrument combination, small and medium-sized stage monitoring.


3.DSP digital audio companding, adopting 48KHz audio sampling rate to reduce the noise in the wireless transmission system to the best


4.Adopt innovative dual-channel technology, separate the stereo completely.


5.The output volume of the transmitter and receiver can be adjusted independently.


6.Multiple switchable frequency for selection and automatic frequency scanning to realize operation without environmental interference


7.Infrared frequency synchronization and lock on to the corresponding frequency.


8.Adopt OLED display and show the corresponding product information.

Product Technical Index

  • System Technical Index:

  • RF Carrier frequency range: 470MHz~960MHz

  • Frequency stability: 0.005%

  • Effective working distance(ideal environment): ≥60 meter

  • Audio companding: DSP digital audio companding

  • Audio sampling rate: 48KHz

  • Audio frequency response:50Hz~1800Hz ±3dB

  • Dynamic range: 92dB

  • S/N: 105 dB

  • T.H.D.: ≤0.8%,@1KHz

  • Working temperature range:-10℃~ +50℃


  • Receiver Technical Index:

  • Receiving frequency range: 470MHz~960MHz

  • Receiving mode: dual channel, Superheterodyne

  • Image suppression: 45dBm

  • RF sensitivity: when input is 10dBu, S/N ≥ 45dB

  • SQ adjustment: built-in setting parameters

  • Frequency sync way: manual button setting

  • Headphone output power: 80mW@16Ω

  • Output level adjustment range: 9 levels adjustable, attenuation adjustment at every 2dB step

  • Power requirement: AA1.5 batteries x 2, it also support power bank to provide power.

  • Working current: 3V 160mA

  • Battery life:≥7 hours

  • Dimensions: 77.5 * 63 * 19.5(mm)

  • Net weight (without battery): 66.8g


  • Transmitter Technical Index:

  • Carrier bandwidth: 470MHz~960MH

  • Oscillation mode: PLL frequency synthesis

  • RF out power: 13.5dBm

  • Carrier error: 0.005%

  • Harmonic radiation: -32dBm

  • Modulation: FSK

  • Nominal/maximum frequency deviation

  • Stereo input interface: phone Ф6.3mm *2, XLR composite socket*2

  • Input impedance: 2.2KΩ

  • Input gain adjustment range: 4 adjustable settings by every 3dB step

  • Frequency setting: IR sync

  • Power supply: built-in lithium battery

  • Working current: 130mA

  • Working hour at full charge: ≥15 hours

  • Dimensions: 12.8 * 85 * 48.2(mm)

  • Net weight: 526 g




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